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Wednesday, December 05, 2012


Assamualaikum and hello everyone. 
First of all I want to welcome you as my visitor to my blog. This blog is specialist for course Human Resources Information System (HRIS). I hope that this information can help you to gain knowledge about an example of HRIS. Actually this my second web folio for this course. For previous web folio, I was emphasizes about human resources recruiting and staffing, human resources performance management system, and web based employee self service.  For this web folio two, I was choosing the topic of web based employee learning and development, web based occupational safety and health, and web based compensation and planning. Below there are some explanation about these topics. I hope it is worth for us to study and apply it in our work life.


Employee learning and development system (ELD) works for planning and observe the employee training, career developments and employee’s performance. In organisation, this system is vital to employer to analyse the employee career development, recommend training programs and periodic performance appraisal and analyse the present program that is succeed. Therefore, while the employer doing this kind of assessment actually can improve and correct an employee’s performance and organisation’s itself. Furthermore, ELD system can ensure the employee keep on competitiveness and will perform in their work. Besides, it can recommend the training program that will increase employee’s knowledge, skill and attitudes towards their current work. Regarding to employee learning and development system, there are five components that highlighted. There are employee personal details, performance before training, training course, training transfer, and program evaluation. In my second web folio, i want to explain and emphasizes on advantage and disadvantage of ELD system.


1. Cost effectively and accessibility.
By using this computerise system, the organisation can reduce their expenses and can save organisation’s budget. It is because ELD computerise system has eliminate paper-based ELD system. Besides, the Human Resources Officer and supervisor can access their employee to get the personal details or information of them easily and fast.

2. Can improve computer skill.
As we know that ELD computerised system is needed the expertise on using the computer. Furthermore, the employees also need to use and faced the computer during the training session or by checking what training they need should attend. Therefore, automatically they can improve their computer skills. 


1. Lack of human contact.
By using this system, the information is delivered by computer only. It is limited only have participated between employee and computer. Therefore, there is no face to face communication between employer and employee. They cannot ask what are they do not understand about the contents of training or problem facing.

2. Certain contents are not suitable to employees.
ELD system is generalised and common to all of employees in organisation. Therefore, it might be too difficult to them to understand and faced the certain content that publish and announce. Not all the employees have the same problem. Therefore, the continuous of the change in the content of the training is vital in order to improve the process of learning.

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Occupational safety and health is emphasizes about the protecting the safety, health and welfare of people engaged in work or employment  Nowadays, most of organisations are concerning and serving to promote occupational safety and health at work. For example, Department of Occupational Safety and Health (DOSH) under Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia.

1.      To study and review the policies and legislation of occupational safety and health.
2.      To conduct research and technical analysis on issues related to occupational safety and health at the workplace.
3.      To carry out promotional and publicity programs to employers, workers and the general public to foster and increase the awareness of occupational safety and health.
4.      To become a secretariat for the National Council regarding occupational safety and health.

Regarding to construction area, there are some digital tools that used to managing the safety. For example database, virtual reality (VR), geographical information system (GIS), 4D CAD, sensing and warning technologies. All these technologies are widely applied for hazard prevention and safe project delivery. For online databases are usually used in assessing competence of different stakeholders. Furthermore, virtual reality technology makes it easier to identify, analyse, coordinate, and communicate the product design in order to improve decision making and final product. VR and database technologies can assist users in identifying potential the construction risks contained in the design at the construction stage. Besides, the use of 4D CAD has significant potential for the construction industry. It is because 4D technology enables planners to predict potential problems at the construction stage whereas the use of 4D CAD allows considerable savings to be made on construction projects by identifying problems prior to construction and avoiding re-work during the project. Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and BIM have also become used in conjunction with 4D CAD to better understand construction safety issues by considering environment impact and design information. Furthermore, technological advances in information, sensing, visualization, and spatial temporal analysis technologies are enabling new forms of spatial awareness of construction job site conditions.

Next point that I want to highlight is computer-related ergonomic problems. There are some instructions for avoiding cumulative motion disorders.
1.      Employees should take a 3–5 minute break from working at the computer every 20–40 minutes, and use the time for other tasks.
2.      Design maximum flexibility and adaptability into the workstation. Don’t stay in one position for long periods.
3.      Reduce glare with devices such as shades over windows and recessed or indirect lighting.
4.      Give workers a complete replacement vision exam to ensure properly corrected vision for reduced visual strain.
5.      Allow for positioning wrists at the same level as the elbow.
6.      Put the screen at or just below eye level, at a distance of 18
to 30 inches from the eyes.
7.      Let the wrists rest lightly on a pad for support.
8.      Put the feet flat on the floor or on a footrest.

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Online compensation is all about a web enable an organisation to collect, store, analyse and distribute the compensation data and information. Besides, there is online benefits system. This system is based on type of employer-sponsored retirement plan. The amount of the benefits is based to the number of factors including the employee’s average salary before retirement, age at retirement and the length of employment. Nowadays, most of organisations provide employees with benefits electronic on annual basis. Regarding to this system, it allows employees to check any dissatisfaction on their file with their employer or Human Resources. Furthermore, it can give employee an opportunity to use benefits electronic. Besides, this system can eliminate paper-based system and it can save time to handle it.

Here are the advantages of online compensation. Since this is the ultimate technology, Human Resources do not have any disadvantage.

1.      On screen reports
Online compensation is easy and fast to use. It is because you can get all the information and data that you need to manage payroll efficiently. All the information is right at your fingers. Online compensation is widely approach such as vacation report, sick report and etc. Therefore, you can still advantage of online reporting to access your organisation’s data at any time with complete security.

2.      Eliminate paper-based system
By using online compensation system, it changing the way of your administer in payroll. You can eliminate the paperwork and manage your payroll by clicking the mouse. Besides, you can improve effectiveness in term of the accuracy of information or by using the technology to simplify the process.

3.      Save time
Online compensation system can save employer and employee time. For example, it can let the manager ready access to information that is useful both to them and to their employees. Besides, this system does not have to go through with a third party.

1.      Although E-compensation and E-benefits creates new opportunities for line management and employees the organizational practice can be limited in using these opportunities because of a lack of time and the willingness to pick them up.
2.      Improve the HR services by improving two way communications leading to higher levels of engagement and satisfaction with HR.
3.      Help the management of the organization to redefine the employees’ responsibilities in HR.

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For the conclusion, Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is widely used in our daily life. It is also very important and interesting to apply in workplace. For example web based compensation and planning. it is because it can be more easier to employees to check or look for their online compensation and benefits. Furthermore, regarding to construction area, there are some digital tools that used to managing the safety. For example database, virtual reality (VR), geographical information system (GIS), 4D CAD, sensing and warning technologies. All these technologies are widely applied for hazard prevention and safe project delivery. Besides, there is computerised employee learning and development system (ELD) works for planning and observe the employee training, career developments and employee’s performance.

Monday, October 22, 2012


Assamualaikum and hello everyone. First of all I want to welcome you as my visitor to my blog. This blog is specialist for course Human Resources Information System (HRIS). I hope that this information can help you to gain knowledge about an example of HRIS.  Before that, let I introduce myself. My name is Nur Fatihah binti Ramli. I was born on 13th May 1991 at Hospital University Sains Malaysia (HUSM), Kubang Kerian, Kelantan. I grow up at Besut, Terengganu with my lovely parents and four other siblings. There are two sisters, one brother and my youngest sister. I am study major in Human Resources Development in University Technology Malaysia, Skudai, Johor. This course is too interesting to learn. It is because it can give us wide knowledge about human being, our lifestyle and environment. I hope after finish my study; I can fulfil my dream as human resources manager.

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Nowadays, there are lots of job application that used by the company. They prefer to give announcement about the vacancy through the advertisement or memo. Recently, the company tend to use e-recruitment for job seeker to apply the vacancy. E-recruitment is the process of personnel recruitment using electronic resources in particular the internet. By using this method, the online collection will be utilized by organisations to obtain information on the applicant to facilitate the process of selection. The most important thing when the company use this method is they must make sure that the website for e-recruitment is clear and have the component like graphical user interface (GUI). Therefore, the e-recruitment can be more user-friendly. The job seeker can also find the information and use this method easily. The process is just simple method. The candidates need to fulfill their personal details, their requirement and the details of the job that they apply.  In my opinion, e-recruitment can save company budget compared with traditional method. It is because they do not need to set up for interview session or anything. By using online recruitment, they just upload the data or component that needed for job. Besides, the company can get fast feedback by decrease for time gathering and increase the efficiency of the process for sorting the data. Furthermore, it can give company advantage in choosing the candidates. It is because this method usually used by quantity, quality and diversity of applicants. Every applicant has their own specialty and attraction. Therefore, it can be easy to grab the market demand. 

           Moreover, while doing the e-recruitment, the company can be done with selection and staffing process. The clear objective of staffing is selection and training of individuals for specific job function and changing them with associated to know the responsibilities. Regarding to Human Resources Information System (HRIS), the selection and assessment can develop the score and decision making. It can also help to design and apply the administration function of the system. 

Besides, these methods also give harm to company and job seekers. It is because while doing the e-recruitment there are too many candidates that apply in one time. Therefore it would not always work properly. Selection also cannot do with efficiently because of missing the information. Last but not least, on my opinion, these methods can save time and easy to grab the vacancy. 

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             Performance management systems are a tool used by organisation or companies in developing and training their employees. This system must be linked to rewards, staffing, training, and development and career development. Recently, the meeting and discussion in organisations focused on the performance appraisal process. Regarding to human resources information system, most of organisation tend to introduce online appraisal or e-appraisal to evaluate their employees. This system can reduce paper-based system. It can be environment-friendly and it is easier for manager to calculate the score of employees as the system will auto calculate total score. The cost and time can also be reduced. They just need click to the system and it will work properly and efficiently. This appraisal can be done for annual appraisal. Employees can be access by employers through e-appraisal. E – Appraisal can benefit both by avoiding loss or misplaced document regarding to appraisal form. It can reduce due to overload and overlap of paperwork itself. 

            Besides, it can save the storage space. It is because when the employees send their appraisal from the implementation of e-appraisal, it can remain stored permanently in the e-appraisal system. Furthermore, if there is any compliance or dispute about appraisal, by using this system, the manager can refer it for review because it is just in their hand. 

          Regarding using this system, e-appraisal, there process that needed to follow. Firstly, human resources department send a broadcast link to inform manager or staff that appraisal system is ready implement. Before that, the appraiser should take responsible to create form depending on the policy and criteria that needed. Then, the further meeting is held for discussion about the e-appraisal. When all the people are satisfied with the criteria, the document must be done with name stamp and signature by appraiser. Unfortunately, one signed, the form cannot be edited. After that, the confirmed form will be sent to reviewer for stamp and signature. It is important for reviewer to observe and complain the form for future. Furthermore, human resources plays a role to compile all the forms then the last step is analytical the report. While implement this system, top management and subordinates should collaborate and agreed about the idea of form e-appraisal. In my opinion, e-appraisal is easy to use for employers to evaluate their employees. E-appraisal can also be environment-friendly because it does not use paper-based system. 

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